Original Art iPhone Covers

I really wanted to dress up my iPhone with an artsy cover but wasn't having much luck finding what I wanted in stores; and the ones on-line were kinda pricy.
So I decided to get a couple of these plain ones and try creating my own.
 I sketched out a couple of ideas on paper. Then I drew it out in ultra fine point black sharpie on the cover.
 The sharpie colors were vibrant and mixed well while coloring.
However, I did not want colors to bleed and mix with my black outlines so I chose to use a permanent oil paint marker for that part.
 Here are a couple of close-ups:

 And the finished cover!
P.S. I sealed the cover with a couple of carefully applied thin coats of Diamond Glaze to protect the artwork and minimize scratches.
 I also did one with just the black oil paint marker. Also sealed with Diamond Glaze.

Let your imagination run wild. What would your phone cover look like?