DIY Feather Headbands

My daughter asked for some of those popular feather headbands for Christmas.
Well, you know me.... my first thought was ok, I can make those.

So, I did. Here's how it went in case you want to try it too....

I took some "not so cute" fabric covered headbands that she already had and using an x-acto knife I cut the fabric off leaving the plastic headband.

I used a ruler to cut strips of scrapbook paper just wide enough to wrap over the headband and cover the back side.

I used ModPodge (gloss lustre) to adhere the paper to the headband. Let dry. Then put a final coat of ModPodge over the whole thing.

Once that dried I picked out a collection of feathers (you can find all kinds and colors at the craft store) and began hot gluing them to the headband starting from close to the top and overlapping down one side. Stop the feathers about 2" up from the end.

 I did two different ones (and may do more, since they were so easy and fun to make)
I finished off the pink and yellow headband by gluing on some beads and gems for sparkle. But the turquoise and brown looked great just as it was. I think my daughter will love both styles and I'm so excited to give them to her.