Embellished Photo Transfer on Wood

This Christmas season I had the opportunity to work with some really fantastic photo transfer projects and I just love the technique and all of the unique aspects of these artworks.

Here is one of the finished artworks. The first thing I did with this piece was the image selection process. There were several images from a trip to Italy and it was tough to narrow it down to just one. In fact, I didn't. I combined two of her photos using Photoshop layers, masking techniques and filters. Once the image looked the way I wanted it to, I created a mirror image copy of it to use for printing. *Note: you will want to use the highest resolution image possible and go ahead and set it to the exact size you plan on using for large format printing before taking it to your printer. You must print on plain paper, no glossy or thick stuff!

Here are some of the basic steps used in this project:

Once the transfer is complete you will be able to see the beautiful texture and grain of you wood through the areas that were originally white in your image. It gives such a wonderful look to the artwork. Looks great with color photos or black & white.

At this point I added the embellishments. I painted the sides in a brown/black and distressed the edges coming in to the picture. I also securely attached a wonderful architectural piece using screws and liquid nails. *Note: I also did a paint technique over the architectural piece to get the colors I wanted.... you can see the before colors here:

 Here is an example of one of the other transfers I did. You can still see a little bit of paper on this picture as it was still "in progress" at this point. This image was embellished with a really great rustic metal corner piece in the bottom left corner. (I'll come back and post a final picture later)

All of the transfers were wired on the back for secure hanging and finished off with a clear acrylic top coat to protect the images from fading.

Dry Erase Board DIY

New Years Resolutions recently got me to thinking that I need a special place to keep track of my goals and accomplishments for the upcoming year.

I also wanted a little something more than my usual check list on notebook paper or sticky notes.

So I found this framed print that my mom was getting rid of and got to work re-purposing it.

I took the print out of the frame and took the frame outside to spray paint it black.
While that was drying, I rummaged through my scrapbook papers to choose the pieces I wanted for my background.
The print was on a piece of cardboard so I turned it over and used the back side to paste my selected pieces of scrapbook paper. I trimmed off any excess around the edges.
Then I added a decorative cardstock label to the top and carefully hotglued a piece of vintage black and gold ric rac for some added texture and a smidge of sparkle.
 I did some antiquing to the edges of the paper by drybrushing some brown/black acrylic paint.

Finally, I cleaned the glass and put it all back together. I glued on a small section of plastic tubing to hold my dry erase marker on the side of the frame.
 Other embellishments: bows, ribbon, flowers, beads, etc could also be glued to the frame for fun.

Have fun creating your own dry erase board.  And if you would like to share your results I'd love to see!