Fabric Remnants Shirt

Thanks to a dear friend, I recently received a box of wonderful fabric remnants from a sweet lady that I've never even met. It was like exploring a treasure box.... me and my daughter sitting cross-legged on a shaggy rug in my studio rummaging through all of the different pieces and patterns and coming up with ideas of "stuff we could make".

Here is the first project.....
a square fabric remnant shirt design, that I LOVE wearing!

I started with two 36"x36" square pieces like this
 I put them together, right sides facing one another and laid them flat on my table.
Then I pinned the edges and folded them in half, making sure they were lined up correctly.

Now here's a little warning:
The rest of what I did is rather unconventional and not up to the standards of any real pattern, sorry. I'm kinda that way a lot. Like with recipes.... which I use as a general starting point and then just make adjustments to suit my taste as I go.

I had a general idea of the size and shape I wanted the shirt. I wanted a long shirt that would fit at the hip but be loose everywhere else so while it was folded in half I cut a slightly curving line in from where the sleve would be and straight down to the bottom.
Then I unfolded the pieces and pinned them carefully.
I sewed a straight stitch about 1/2" in from the edges to attach the front and back on both sides.
Then I sewed a straight stitch in from each side at the top to finish the sleves and create the neck opening.

Next, I turned it right side out and tried it on. At this point I could see I needed to adjust the neck opening because it was too large and the shirt was falling off my shoulders too much.
Turning it inside out again I adjusted where needed and hemmed my sleves and the bottom of the shirt  (folding the fabric under twice about 1/4"  width on the sleves and 1/2" on the bottom hem)

As you will see in this next photo the finished shirt fit pretty much the way I wanted it to but the front looked exactly like the back and it didn't feel quite complete.

So I cut a slit in the center of the front panel of the shirt from the top (approximately 4").
I hemmed each side (folding under twice 1/4") and secured the bottom of the slit with a bar stitch.
Then I added a long black and white soft string tie (it had been an extra piece that came with a dress.... yes, I save all kinds of stuff, just for times like these)
As a final touch I also sewed a straight stitch along the front and back neckline to make sure it would lay nice and flat.

And here is the finished piece.
*(you will notice from the photos that in certain light the fabric sometimes looks a bit navy blue, but it is actually black and white)