Palette Knife Painting Textured Yellow Poppies

I know there are other tutorials out there about painting with palette knives and using inexpensive "texture mediums" found at the local hardware store but here is my take on it. Hope you like it because I think it is a wonderfully fun process with great end results.

This is the flower painting I will be creating:

I set up my workspace, easel, canvas and art supplies and crank up some music to get started. Let the fun begin!

You can choose from a variety of different palette knives. I chose to use one of my large flat palette knives for creating the background textures and one of my smaller pointed palette knives for creating the thicker texture on my flowers.

And here is my secret ingredient:

A very economical (aka: cheap) texture medium. Polyseamseal - a water based all purpose adhesive/caulk. This one is white, but you can get the same thing in clear if you prefer.
Most texture mediums can be tinted or mixed with paint but I prefer to create my texture first and let it dry for a few hours or overnight and then paint on top of it. I feel like I'm saving paint that way I guess. ;)

So on to the painting......

I decided to paint my canvas in subtle shades of gray (with a hint of turquoise) I used my flat palette knife to create a bit varied color & texture by lightly dipping it in my paint and scraping it across the surface of the canvas horizontally and vertically. I softened this first layer of texture by lightly brushing over it (like dusting the canvas) with a very large fluffy paint brush (the brush I used is huge.... like 4"wide and I love it)

The next step, after the background dried, was to sketch my flowers on the canvas in pencil.

Then I began creating the thick texture of my flowers by "painting" them in with the polyseamseal using my pointed palette knife.

Here's a close up so you can see the texture better. Another reason I like using the white polyseamseal... you can really see what you've done.

Let the texture dry several hours or overnight.

Next, I painted my flowers in vibrant shades of yellow.

For the stems, leaves and centers of the flowers I used shades of green and brown with the yellow.

After those colors dried I went back over the entire painting adding more of my various shades of gray with my large palette knife. I scraped color throughout the background in different directions as well as directly across the flowers. I used my big fluffy brush again to soften it a bit in some areas.

Repeat until desired effect is achieved.
Just be careful, it's easy to overdo if you get carried away having fun with the process!

Now, wouldn't it look great if I had a funky yellow couch like this to hang it over. ;D