Sew Simple Shirt Tutorial.... From Skirt Lining to Shirt!

So I had this long layered peasant skirt in my fabric bin that I got at the Goodwill for like a dollar and I decided I needed to use it for something. I liked the colors and textures of the fabric but not the way they were. So I disassembled it. The lining was a soft and flowey material with a bit of shimmer and since it was an a-line cut I thought it would be pretty easy to just create a neckline and arm holes where the waist line had been and I would have a simple shirt project to embellish. It actually was pretty easy and I love the results.  Here's an overview of the start-to-finish process:

Note: after step 2 I turned it inside out and sewed the straps together, folded under a 1/4" hem around the neckline and arm holes and pinned them. Then I ironed them flat with a warm (not hot) iron and sewed the hems. I did not take any in on the sides because I was not trying to create a fitted shirt, I wanted it to be a bit loose and the a-line construction was what I was going for. ;-)

I think the basic idea of this shirt can be applied to any a-line skirt, vintage slip, or skirt lining.
Have fun searching through your closet and rummaging at thrift stores for just the right materials, at little or no cost, to make your own chic new clothing.
* I would recommend hand washing or spot cleaning, and laying flat to dry on a piece like this.
Happy sewing!