Love the Shirt, but it's too tight?.... A Lovely Fix with a Little Lace-n-Thread

My friend Jen and I had a girls day this week and we hit some great thrift shops, ate delicacies at a french market and had such a wonderful time hanging out and talking together.

I found this great shirt with beautiful fabric and for only $1.99 I couldn't resist buying it even though it was not my size. It was a Small and when I tried it on, well, let's just say a certain area was a, constricted.
So, I remembered a post I had pinned on Pinterest about altering t-shirts that were too tight (here) and decided to do something similar.
 I carefully cut the seams open on each side from bottom all the way up to right under the arm.
I grabbed some vintage embroidered lace trim from my basket.
I put two pieces together, overlapping the straight edge and zig zag stitched over them.

 I pinned the lace trim to the shirt starting from under the arm and working all the way down.

Then I zig zag stitched over each side.
I folded the rough edges under and stitched under the arm so even though the shirt begins to angle out in a "v" shape under the arm the lace trim goes straight up and down the entire length.
I folded the bottom under and stitched across, then trimmed off the excess from the back.
 The shirt tie threaded easily through one of the holes in the lace.
Here is the finished shirt. I love how it fits now! What a great find, and an easy fix!
I'm thinking I have a few other shirts hanging around in my closet that I can try this with, Yay!