Fun & Easy Kids Christmas Art based on a Classic Christmas Story

Every few weeks I get the privilege of doing "Kids Art" at our church during our fun Wednesday night Children's Church. This was our most recent project. My two girls (ages 2 and 7) helped me create the example artwork...... which I loved so much I framed it and have it hanging up in my kitchen for the holidays!

The artwork is based on a beautiful children's story book titled "The Tale of Three Trees". You can read the book online here.

The process is very simple really.

First, I gave each child a large sheet of manilla paper and several strips of patterned green scrapbook paper and green construction paper in varying widths. I also cut up strips of old book pages and sheet music to mix in.
The kids used safety scissors and glue sticks as they worked on creating their trees.
I had them start with the bottom piece of the middle tree (about 4" wide) and glue it in place.
Then they were able to create two similar length pieces for the bottom of the two other trees on each side. From that starting point they cut slightly shorter pieces of various papers to glue in stacking order to create each tree.
We finished the tops of each tree with glittery or metallic sticker stars.
The kids could also use colored pencils or crayons to lightly draw in tree trunks and hills if they wanted.

Have them sign and date their artwork and put it in a frame or on the refrigerator to enjoy!

Merry Christmas!