Soda Can Roses


I'm so excited about this post! I have had this project in the works for such a long time and have procrastinated on getting the tutorial together and posted, but here it finally is in time to inspire your Spring and Summer Creativity!

I've been recycling and using soda cans and parts of soda cans since I was a kid. Back then I was makeing t-shirt clips (remember these from the 80's my friends, lol)

Guess I'm dating myself a bit but oh well....I am a product of one of the coolest music and movie eras ever and proud of it, by golly!

Well, I've updated my DIY projects since then and found that cutting out and rolling these simple roses from my saved stash of soda cans was the beginning of some unique and beautiful accessories.

So let's start by washing and saving some soda cans.

Now, maybe it's just me but isn't there something fabulous about having things in multiples!
(*Especially art supplies and crafty things!!!)
I LOVE having a ton of these roses laying on my art table to create with!!

From this point I used my roses to make refrigerator magnets, rings, necklaces, earrings, decorate picture frames, accessorize candles, make photo holders, and create an awesome ornament/decorative ball.
And this was only the beginning! There are so many more possibilities!

Here is my Supply List:
  • soda cans
  • box cutter
  • scissors
  • quilling tool
  • Glue: WeldBond, Gorilla Glue, Hot Glue
  • hot glue gun
  • magnets
  • Krylon spray paint
  • bottle caps (for necklace)
  • ring blanks
  • flat upholstery tacks (for the candle pick)
  • small wood blocks
  • drill & small drill bit, or hammer and small nail
  • craft wire & round nose plyers (for photo holder)
  • jewelry chain and findings
  • wooden picture frame decorated with scrapbook and acrylic paint
  • small soft toy ball (for ornament)

Want a closer look at some projects:

These are the types of glue I used:
WeldBond - strong, dries clear, long drying time
Gorilla Glue - strong, dries kindof brown color, long drying time
Hot Glue - not as strong, dries semi-clear, quick drying time

A couple more "process" images to help inspire your designs:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful and inspirational.
I would love to hear from you and see pictures of all the things you create with "Soda Can Roses"
Happy Crafting!