More Ways to Use Soda Can Roses.....for Teacher Gifts!

A friend of mine asked if I could make some pens with soda can roses on them and a couple of sets of soda can rose magnets that she could give as Teacher Gifts. I thought that was a great idea so I got a bunch of my supplies out to see what I could come up with for her.

Tip: this time on the roses I cut my circles out and lightly sanded them with sandpaper on both sides and spray painted them before cutting and quilling them into roses.

Pens: I used basic Bic pens with the roses hot glued to the top.
Tip: I also used the very end of the quilled rose to bend down slightly and wrap around the pen. I secured it with masking tape.
The entire pen is wrapped in coordinating  washi tape. Love this stuff! You can find all different colors and designs online or at local craft stores.

Magnet Sets: The roses are glued to strong round magnets with Weldbond glue. I thought it would be cute to use soup can lids as the holder for the magnet sets. I also drilled two small holes in the lid so that I could bend a small hanger out of craft wire to hang from jump rings for display. I love how it came out! I tied coordinating ribbon and jute rope around each hanger to finish.