My Favorite DIY Art Journal

My bags are packed and I'm all ready to go jetting off half way around the world.
I leave tomorrow morning with a team of friends on a mission trip to Cambodia.

I wanted to share with you real quick the art journal I made to take on the trip.
Then when I get back I'll share some of the things I created inside the wonderful pages.

I started by gathering tons of differnt papers: scrap book pages for dividing sections, parchment paper for separating painted pages, vellum/tracing paper to separate other messy pages, recycled newsprint pages, watercolor papers (rough and smooth textures), black papers, brown papers, mixed media or all media papers, and actual canvas right off the roll cut to page size on my large paper cutter.

*All pages were cut to 8.5"x11"
Once I got them all sorted out in sections and an order I liked I used paint stir sticks to brace the pages and binder clips to hold them tightly together.
I painted several layers (5-6) of WeldBond glue on the edge letting it dry between coats. This forms a flexible binding and the pages can later be easily torn out with minimal or no damage.

I measured and created my own pattern to sew the soft book cover out of some very nice expensive fabric scraps left over from a job I did earlier this summer. I included a couple of pockets for my basic drawing supplies. The colors are gorgeous deep turquoise and chartreuse (the pictures don't do it justice). The inside is silky and the outside has a soft textured feel. The buttons are vintage (from my grandmother) and just happened to coordinate perfectly!
I used the same WeldBond glue to adhere the binding of the pages to the cover I sewed.
Sorry there's not more detailed info on the sewing as I just made it up as I went along, but I hope that this will inspire you to grab your supplies and create a special journal of your own.

I can't wait to sketch, journal, watercolor, paint, collage and more on these wonderful pages!

It was a DIY project I spent extra time on, but it is extra special so I'm very happy.