Wax Resist Watercolor Collage

Every few weeks, our children's director at church allows me to come in and teach an art lesson for the kids during Wednesday night Kids Church. Brave lady, I know, I know! lol. Anyhoo....the lesson this week had to do with children obeying their parents so I used the scripture reference Colossians 3:20 "Children always obey your parents, for this pleases the Lord."

Each time I get to create art with these enthusiastic kids I feel so blessed.
I want to show them new techniques and work with different artistic mediums and see their creativity flourish. This week we worked with waxy oil pastels, watercolors, recycled papers, and collage. I taught them about creating a "resist" and layering.

You will see in the examples below just how vastly creative their young minds are!

My precious daughters were my "test-run" participants while preparing the lesson.
So basically I cut up old dictionary pages (6.5"x9"). I designed my scripture square using some cool Typography and printed several out on watercolor paper. I played around with coloring different pictures and abstract designs on the dictionary page before painting over it with watercolors. Places that have oil pastel will not be covered or changed by the watercolor (can look especially cool in areas where white oil pastels are used). This method of coloring and painting can be done in multiple stages if time allows for drying between each.
Just look at that concentration.
The scripture squares can be colored or left plain.
*Recycling Note: You know those little wood pieces that always come in a little bag attached to the back of a canvas. Well, I had a TON of them that I saved (because I just knew I could use them someday). So I glued them on the back of the scriptures to create a spacer, adding texture and a little 3-D pop to the project!

 Thank you my lovely students!
And thank you lovely teachers and moms who helped, and participated! ;-)

Craft Day

My friend Jen came over a few days ago and we had a little Craft Day. Yay!

She shared some of her tips for making all kinds of homemade cleaners and detergents.

We even experimented with making our own homemade lip balm with some of the beeswax I had purchased to do more encaustic paintings.

These homemade goodies are truly fantastic! And fun to make. We raided my art supplies and Jen made some adorable labels for all of her containers.

Check out her wonderful blog and all kinds of recipes at SimpleHomeManaging

Other projects that happened on Craft Day:

I also got some crafty work done on a leather cuff for one of the band members at church.
Since I was stamping into black leather I had to rub white pigment into the impressions to make the letters visible. This created a nice grunge effect. I really like how it turned out.

The verse is Romans 8:31 "If God is for us, who can be against us."